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Protect Your Colour

PSA: if your hair is coloured, you need a colour protecting shampoo. One of our favourites is R+Co Gemstone. See for yourself why it’s our go-to product. GEMSTONE COLOR DETOX RITUAL: *CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE* Shine bright with GEMSTONE, a cleansing and nourishing colour protection shampoo for colour-treated hair. Detox, cleanse and rebalance your scalp with the CROWN scalp scrub. Keep it precious and polished with GEMSTONE conditioner. This product is ideal for the client who wants to protect and prolong their hair colour while taming any frizz. Supercharge your hair with this nourishing and protective leave-in conditioner that helps soften, seal, detangle and fight frizz.  Hair Care: (1) GEMSTONE Color Shampoo (1) GEMSTONE Color Conditioner (1) CROWN Scalp Scrub (1) SUNCATCHER Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner (1) ATLANTIS Moisturizing Concentrate Treatment 15ml: for your hair to instantly feel more manageable, smooth and supple to the touch.  *ALL R+Co Products: Vegan, Cruelty + Gluten Free, Paraben + Sulfate Free (SLS or SLES), Petrolatum + Mineral Oil Free.