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Iles Formula


The Iles Formula Essentials For All Hair Types
・Shampoo (Cleanse) + Conditioner (Repair) + Finishing Serum (Protect) + Comb.
・Excellent on virgin hair. Phenomenal on problematic hair.
・Clinically proven to stop and prevent hair breakage.
・Instantly transforms all hair to sumptuous, lustrous, nurtured texture.
・No Sulfates + No Silicones + No Parabens + No Peptides + No Bond Builders.

・Our Cleanse + Repair + Protect method is an emotional experience. The results are instant. Follow the directions and you will witness sumptuous + lustrous + repaired + nurtured hair that is never weighed down.

・The Iles Formula 3 step method is so powerful you will need nothing more.

・Formulated with raw, virgin, sustainably sourced ingredients, combined with science at the highest level.

・Excellent on virgin hair, phenomenal on problematic hair.

・Clinically proven to stop hair breakage from the first use.

・Reviews prove this system is also excellent on all scalp types from normal to oily to all sensitive scalps + babies' cradle cap.
                                                     DIRECTIONS FOR USE

Iles Formula Shampoo:

・Apply to very wet hair.
・Add more water while massaging, not more product. Water is the key to activating an indulgent lather.
・An abundance of lather indicates correct usage of the shampoo.
・In the case of hair breakage, this lather should be brought all the way to the ends. Allow the mousse to sit on the mid length and ends for about 1 minute. This starts the repair process by softening brittle hair.
・Rinse thoroughly.
・For very damaged or broken hair, we advise a 3rd shampoo.

Iles Formula Conditioner:

・Apply evenly an inch from roots to ends.
・Wet brush through for even distribution. The brush delivers the required amount of product to the roots.
・Repair is immediate and hair breakage will have stopped.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum:

・The protector against heated tools + environmental assaults + humidity.
・Best blow dried into wet hair + used daily on dry hair.
・Apply evenly to mid length and ends before styling. When applied methodically to all sections, this serum has the power to make thin hair feel and look organically thicker, and calms down thick, coarse hair.