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Bamboo Towel Wrap


How To Use It: 
It's easy: Cover :: Twist :: Loop

Scrunch out excess water with the towel. Then either flip your hair forward placing the scooped part of the hood over your head placing the button at the nape, twist the towel and roll it back to secure the loop — OR — flip your hair back with the pocket of the hood and button at your forehead, and twist the towel up to secure the loop at the front.

More Info:
Deluxe ultra-absorbent bamboo hair towel wrap. 

Better than microfibre, our pure bamboo hair wrap dries hair quickly and easily. Completely plastic-free, smooth silky bamboo fabric reduces breakage, frizz and flyaways caused by the friction of regular towels. Ultra-absorbent to dramatically reduce blow-dry time and amplify air-dry styles.

Is bamboo fabric the same as microfibre?

The biggest difference is that bamboo is a natural and microfibre is plastic. The greatest concern regarding microfiber is microplastic pollution. This occurs because all microfiber products shed microscopic microfibers in the wash and eventually make their way to the ocean. It's having a moment in hair history because it is synthetic and cheap to produce from petrochemicals, but effective because its uniform fibers avoid the breakage and frizz caused by more abrasive cotton fiber towels. This is why bamboo fabric is the better, healthier choice for you and the ocean. It performs as well or better, without a single downside.

Why bamboo is better for you and the environment.

  • Bamboo is a renewable resource that is sustainably farmed using only 1/3 the water required in cotton farming.
  • Bamboo has amazing antimicrobial abilities making it ideal for the bathroom environment.
  • Bamboo fibers have a silk-like smoothness so it does not disturb the cuticle layer, or cause the abrasion that results in frizz, split-ends, and breakage from cotton towels.
  • Bamboo is incredibly absorbent, able to take up three times its weight in water without the environmental or health risks associated with microfibre.


Made earth- and ocean-friendly with biodegradable 100% bamboo fabric and bamboo button, with zero plastic.

Bamboo Towel Wrap